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The Most Common Tech Support Issues

Admin Tech Support 16/3/2018

Working an IT service desk is no different. Here are most regular IT technical support issues and likely causes, in no specific request.

Blue Screen of Death

Numerous clients don't trouble really perusing what's on the scandalous BSOD, so you'll likely need to request that they read it to you before instructing them to take a full breath and reboot (by and large).

I can't sign in

This is effortlessly a standout amongst the most widely recognized technical support issues and the causes extend from the senseless (the client left "tops bolt" on) to conceivably major (the client's record has been suspended in light of the fact that he was playing Farmville throughout the day.)

I accidentally erased a few documents. Would I be able to get them back?

When the threat of the client hyperventilating is finished, clarify his or her choices. In some cases individuals feel that once a record goes into the Recycle Bin it's gone until the end of time. That is a simple fix.

My PC is very slow device.

Many individuals don't see an issue with having sixteen windows open without a moment's delay, and you may need to clarify how an excessive number of windows will back things off.

My PC close down for reasons unknown.

Have you at any point seen the puck-like cakes of clean that can develop on PC cooling fans? Many individuals don't comprehend that their PCs can overheat and that they may should be cleared of tidy intermittently.

The printer won't work

Have you at any point had this trade previously?
  • You: "Is the printer turned on?"
  • Client: "I never needed to turn it on."
  • It doesn't strike a great deal of clients to check the conspicuous before presenting assistance work area ticket.

My PC is influencing a crushing to clamor.

Some hard drives are intended to make sounds when an axle stalls out or heads turn sour. At the point when the client confesses to not having upheld anything up as of late, fight the temptation to go to their work area and throttle them with a USB link.

The self-benefit entrance is another incredible method to eliminate straightforward tickets. By driving clients to present their tickets in the gateway, you're sending them to a place that can propose learning articles and rundown a progression of basic arrangements. It's not a swap for your administration work area. It's more similar to a net to discover anything that may be sufficiently straightforward for the clients to settle individually. These practices require some hierarchical purchase in, however they'll be real helps over the long haul. What's more, obviously, your clients still have the choice of submitting BSOD tickets… in the event that they demand.